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Tenere 700 vs Tuareg 660 vs KTM 890 R vs Desert X

Comparison of these motorcycles off-road and on asphalt.

Test done on the roads in Andalusia.

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Which is better?​

This is the most frequently asked question by our guests.

Ducati Multistrada V4S or BMW S1000XR?

Below I described my subjective opinion about these two motorcycles.

But, as I always say, your opinion and feelings may be completely different from mine.


From the first meters I felt at home.

Both faster bends and tight corners are handled with ease and confidence.

The new Triumph Tiger 1200 (GT Pro version) has recently joined our motorcycle fleet.

I have been waiting for this bike for a long time, hoping that it will be the best in the segment and my favorite.


What would I buy privately?

We are practically one year into testing these 7 bikes. We have done almost 140,000 km with them.

I was wondering recently which of these motorcycles I would buy for myself as the only motorcycle at home that would be used to travel around Europe.

It turned out that I do not know ... I do not have my obvious number one among these motorcycles.

However, I also have my subjective opinion about each of these motorcycles and by reading this text you can get to know them.


The difference in price is almost PLN 30,000 in favor of the Tenere 700.So is it worth paying extra for Ducati?

These are probably my two favorite motorcycles from the set of motorcycles we currently have for our customers. They are my favourites, but it's an individual matter, they won't be favorites for everyone, I'll write about my subjective feelings as usual.

For me, they are great, because they are real ADVENTURE motorcycles, i.e. suitable for traveling both on asphalt and unpaved surfaces.


Ducati Multistrada V4S vs KTM 1290SAS vs Harley-Davidson Pan America

WITHI invite you to watch the extensive comparison of these three bikes! If you're looking for an honest, non-sponsored opinion, you won't be disappointed here!

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R1250GS, S1000XR, F850GS, Multistrada 1260s and 950s, KTM 1290 SAS, Moto Guzzi V85TT

Virtually every person testing these motorcycles with us has a different opinion about them. Among the opinions of our guests, there is no main favorite, everyone has a slightly different feeling and for everyone a different motorcycle is the best. This is great and proves the validity of our idea for a motorcycle testing holiday.

A beautiful name. And so is Agusta. 100% Italy.
This bike is really nice.

This is the first motorcycle from the Milan-based Italian manufacturer Motori Vincenzo Agusta that has the characteristics of a touring bike. I deliberately do not write here that this is the first tourist motorcycle, because Agusta is not a typical tourist. Turismo Veloce means - fast tourism. This name fits this bike very well. MV Agusta is a company with great sports traditions ...

KTM 1090, SUZUKI V-Strom 1000  and Honda CRF 1000
Africa Twin.

With each of these bikes, I spent 1 day on the roads of Gran Canaria. Here I describe my feelings about motorbikes and the island as a destination for a motorbike vacation. (This is not a test of these bikes. I do not feel competent to do such tests, nor have I had sufficient time to test these bikes).  We are in Gran Canaria, we came here with an organized tour. I'm not a fan of such tours, but just ...

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 6.27.13 PM.png
Honda GL1800 GoldWing Tour DCT 2018 - TEST

This is by far the most important conclusion after the test drive. The new Gold Wing is 40 kg lighter than the previous version, it has a phenomenal suspension, a great engine. Due to the fact that the engine is a 6-cylinder boxer, positioned transversely and very low, we have great balance. This adds up to the handling of this bike, which is astonishingly good for 383 kg. The corners are taken very lightly, very steadily, even maneuvering at low speeds is not problematic. 

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports  DCT

I got  Africe by five  day test. This is good, because in one day, and even more so in 2 hours - as is usually the case, when testing motorcycles at a dealer, I would not be able to get to know this bike well. Only after 2-3 days of riding, or after a longer trip, I can say something more about the motorcycle. After a few days, you stop learning the bike, you start to understand it, you stop thinking, you start to feel.

Only then do you see what is right and what is not. 

BMW R1200GS  Adventure - 50,000 km test

Soon, a summary of my 4 years of experience with the R1200GS Adventure 2012. 


We had 40 minutes for the test drive.  Rides took place in groups of 6 people + guide. The route is around Zawiercie, about 60% of asphalt side roads + 40% light off (gravel road, road in the forest, some stones, some pits, nothing difficult). 

I am of the opinion that after 40 minutes it is very difficult to form an opinion  about a motorcycle,  but the first impression is good!

BMW R1250GS Test drive

GSy are motorcycles that I know quite well. I had two (2006 and 2012), on the latter (R1200GS Adventure - 2012) I did over 50,000 km. I also drove the previous one  version of the R1200GS (2014) and the R1200GS Adventure (2016). So I think I have a good comparison and I can say something about the evolution that the next models are undergoing. 

DUCATI Multistrada 1260 Enduro TEST DRIVE

I drove the Multistrada 1260 Enduro for two days. I only drove it about 300 km, but the impressions are amazing.




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