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R1250GS, S1000XR, F850GS, Multistrada 1260s and 950s, KTM 1290 SAS, Moto Guzzi V85TT

Virtually every person testing these motorcycles with us has a different opinion about them. Among the opinions of our guests, there is no main favorite, everyone has a slightly different feeling and for everyone a different motorcycle is the best. This is great and proves the validity of our idea for a motorcycle testing holiday. Your previous opinion based on reading tests and 1 hour test ride in the city may change drastically after spending a week on winding roads with these bikes. It was the same with me, because I've been here on a daily basis for over 2 months (the material was created about a month ago, but I just edited it now), I've ridden all these bikes quite a lot, and even though I've ridden almost all of them before, I only really got to know them here. I am not writing this to advertise my business, but to make you aware of how much can change after getting to know a motorcycle in real conditions, during an all-day ride on winding roads. In this video, I share with you MY SUBJECTIVE opinion about these motorcycles, but don't rely too much on it when choosing a motorcycle, because your opinion will certainly be at least a little different.




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