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About us

Traveling on a motorcycle is my greatest passion.  

Once I made a decision to make it a way of life.  

For several years, I have been organizing a unique motorcycle vacation that I would like to go on myself.

For me, the most important thing has always been the pure joy of driving, so I choose directions that are paradise in terms of roads for riding motorcycles.  

I briefly described the history of Love For Ride creation and what we are currently doing, if you want to know more, please read on.  

Adam Dąbkowski


The history of the creation of LOVE FOR RIDE

Motorcycles and cars are my greatest passion, which I do not want to pass since I attached a stick to the rear frame of my bike, which when driving, hitting the spokes, made a sound similar to the sound of an engine, it was great that when accelerating, this engine spun!  

About 10 years ago, I started to pursue my dream of further motorcycle journeys.  

For over 6 years, each of our vacations was on a motorcycle. My wife and I have traveled over 70,000 km, always aiming for the best roads to drive.

We explored the most beautiful regions of Andalusia, Canary Islands, Sardinia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Austrian Alps, Italian Alps, Swiss Alps, French Alps, Corsica, Romania, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, South of France, South of Italy.  

I loved these trips, but didn't like the long commutes that we did along the freeways due to time constraints.  

Already during these journeys, Love For Ride was created, which at the beginning was a mini motorcycle portal, where I uploaded films I made about motorcycles and motorcycle roads.  

The fact that I did not like commuting and the fact that we were on a fly & ride vacation several times, where we fly by plane and the motorcycle is already waiting for us, booked at the rental company, inspired me to the idea of a motorcycle vacation.


I had an idea for the perfect motorcycle vacation, I decided to make it my way of life.

What we do.

The offer that you will find here is unique on a global scale.
We have designed a dream vacation that we have always dreamed of ourselves.

Cars and motorcycles are our passion, we are a travel agency,
that offers a vacation  for automotive fans  in a unique style.

We organize holidays for motorcyclists, where our guests test the latest motorcycles with us,  in the best places to ride in Europe and the world.

During such holidays, participants live together in a large luxury villa that we organize for them.


We currently carry out tours in Andalucia, Corsica and Sardinia, the Balkans, Iceland, the Alps and the Canary Islands.  


From October 2021, we also started organizing "Driving Holidays" where customers test Mercedes AMG in the same, wonderful regions for driving.  

Our second activity is also the rental of motorbikes, luxury cars, houses and villas. 

I invite all fans of motorcycles and fast cars to a dream vacation. 

Adam Dąbkowski






I am open to all kinds of new possibilities

and interesting acquaintances! Contact me!

+48 519 366 579

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