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A beautiful name. And so is Agusta. 100% Italy.
This bike is really nice.

This is the first motorcycle from the Milan-based Italian manufacturer Motori Vincenzo Agusta that has the characteristics of a touring bike. I deliberately do not write here that this is the first tourist motorcycle, because Agusta is not a typical tourist. Turismo Veloce means - fast tourism. The name fits this bike very well. MV Agusta is a company with great sports traditions. The Turismo Veloce 800 is a motorcycle with components straight from sports motorcycles, but with a comfortable, upright position. However, very active and encouraging to drive faster. It's a motorcycle that we'll go fast without much effort. Its 110hp from the three-cylinder engine does a really good job. Unfortunately, a beautifully looking muffler mutes a beautiful sounding engine quite a bit. The three-cylinder, when screwed high, sounds a bit like the naturally aspirated F1 V8 from earlier years (that's what I associated with). The suspension and brakes give you a lot of confidence, you immediately feel this bike as if you have been riding it for the last 2 years. Driving is super precise, you get the impression that your every reaction, even the intention to change direction, is immediately implemented. The same goes for the brakes. You can control them with great precision, you don't need much strength. However, if you use one, even accidentally, the motorcycle will practically stand still right away. I did so on a longer straight in the Alhabia area of Spain. Checking the acceleration, I accelerated to about 140 km / h, when a pet jumped out on the road. My reaction was to immediately push the brake handle harder. The delay that accompanied it was impressive, probably only available in strictly sports motorcycles. Braking is provided by 320 mm discs with four-piston Brembo calipers at the front and a 220 mm disc at the rear. The motorcycle weighs only 191 kg dry. It is equipped with a semi-active SACHSA or Marzocchi suspension depending on the version.  

The tires are sized 120/70 ZR17 at the front and 190 (!) / 55 ZR17 at the rear, a size typical for a "racer" and not a touring bike.  

The electronic display is nice, colorful, but has so much information that it becomes illegible - you have to stand calmly and learn it. Later it is ok. Agusta has a rich equipment - you can change driving modes (Rain, Turismo, Sport - I'm not sure about these names ...), then the characteristics of the engine and its power change. You can adjust the suspension, depending on the load - with one button in the menu. You can set the operation of traction control and ABS, there are 8 levels of sensitivity, or you can turn them off completely. We have heated grips, ride by wire throttle control, a tilt sensor for traction and ABS control, electronic quick shifter, cruise control. 
In addition, there is a GPS sensor integrated in the motorcycle, which, after downloading the appropriate application, will provide us with information on the routes traveled. Speeds, accelerations, decelerations, cams, wheel slippage. As for me, these are all goodies without which you can survive. , but when they give - why not. The most important thing is that these gadgets do not bother you and that you will love how this motorcycle rides. What it sounds like and what it looks like! Would I buy MV Aguste for tourist tasks - definitely not.


But it's not that kind of motorcycle. It is more of a "racer" in a convenient edition, which, if you want, you can go on a trip to the Alps or to a nearby track. A motorcycle that will give you a lot of fun, in the city, on the track and especially on winding mountain roads - because it was created for that. For fast, smooth, but also light driving on winding roads with perfect asphalt. By the way, I don't see a problem to put on his trunks and go somewhere else and you won't get tired of it. It won't give you as much comfort as "touring enduro", but they won't give you as much fun to drive. I bet MV Agusta won't sell these bikes much… But that's not what they mean. These are not bikes to sell like the GSy. I think they would be unhappy with that. This is a motorcycle for the individualist, for someone who can forgo some practical things in favor of a motorcycle that will be the only one in the city. It is also a PREMIUM class motorcycle, from this shelf, and maybe even higher than the DUCATI. And unfortunately, you have to pay for the premium ones ... The basic version of the motorcycle costs slightly more than EUR 17,000 - that is around PLN 70,000. In the top version "Lusso", which means "luxury" over 19,800 Euro - they felt about 83,000 PLN. So very, very much ... For this amount you can have a new Ducati Multistrada 1200s or a new BMW S1000XR, so motorcycles with similar characteristics, but more universal and much more powerful. I just missed a little more power in TurismoVeloce and a little more space for both the driver and the passenger.




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