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DUCATI Multistrada 1260 Enduro
I had the Multi 1260 Enduro for two days. I did about 300 km with it.

V2 has always been the best motorcycle engines for me. The V2 in Multistrad is actually L2, i.e. the cylinders in the motorcycle are positioned more or less at an angle of 90 degrees.  1,262 cm3, 158 hp at 9,500 rpm and 128 Nm at 7,500 rpm. Ducati named this engine Testastretta DVT 1262, it is liquid-cooled and has variable valve timing, called Desmodromic Variable Timing.  

The heart of this bike is wonderful! 

You can feel sports genes in it, the engine turns to speed perfectly, but it does not jerk very much at the low end. In addition, this sound, beautiful, especially since the test specimen was equipped with an accessory Termignoni muffler. In combination with the quick-shifter, when you downshift, you hear beautiful shots, what a sound. It pleases me so much. Clean, bass, deep, aggressive at high revs, perfect. 


The suspension allows for very precise, dynamic driving. They can be set in several different ways with a button on the steering wheel. First, we can adjust the suspension to the load of the motorcycle (motorcyclist, motorcyclist + luggage, motorcyclist + passenger, motorcyclist + passenger + luggage), and its work (whether it should be more rigid or should it be better to choose unevenness). It works perfectly, the suspension itself gives a lot of driving confidence and a good feeling of the bike.  


The weight of this motorcycle is 254 kg (full 30 liter fuel tank + all fluids and battery), this is a very good result (GS ADV - 268 kg, Triumph Tiger 1200 - 270+ kg, only the KTM 1290 Super Adventure is lighter)


It's hard for me to find any downsides to this bike.  

The Muliti is like a GS, it is practically a perfect bike. Fast, comfortable, great-guided machine, which can also easily slide off the asphalt and it will not be something for her that will make you decide to do it only once. 

But the Multi has something else, the "motorcycle" element that I miss in the GS. It is about her character that is visible everywhere. In appearance, in the engine, in driving.  


The Muliti is a motorcycle that you'll want to ride aimlessly as well, because it's fun to drive. You will still want to jump on it in the evening as soon as you get bored.

It will give you a lot of fun. The GS is a little more correct in this respect. It's precise, practically perfect, but lacks a bit of a clutch, a kind of pure riding fun.  


The mulitstrade is also very nice, after all, it's a Ducati, a purebred Italian motorcycle. In my opinion, it looks best in red.  


This motorcycle is really comfortable. A perfectly contoured couch, well-designed position, although I did not have the opportunity to do 1000 km at a time, but after 300 km I did not feel any discomfort.  


The standing position is also surprisingly good. We have very large footrests here, a very comfortable sofa, which is so profiled that it is wider both at the front and at the back, which allows you to bend your legs in a standing position. The tank is also factory-fitted with grip stickers. So it is very easy to find a stable position when accelerating and braking, you just need to bend your legs and you can stand freely without straining the steering wheel.  

As I wrote, it is difficult to find disadvantages of this motorcycle. But if you insist so much, you can include them: price ( almost PLN 100,000 ), chain drive (but thanks to this the Multistrada is lighter, let's face it, but most motorcycles in the world are powered by a chain and you can live with it somehow. ..), sometimes there is a problem with choosing the slack in the gearbox - this is really the only "real" disadvantage of this motorcycle.  


You have to ride this motorcycle. The enduro segment of travelers is very strong and interesting at the moment. The Multi is in my opinion one of the favorites, but I think that the choice here should be made with the heart, so you have to ride each of them.  

The choice is not easy, I wonder what I would buy from this segment now. Because that's how we have the S1000XR, which is super fast, perfect on asphalt, but no longer suitable for asphalt descents or for longer two-person touring. We have a KTM 1290 which has a radically powerful engine, good suspension, it will probably be the best off-road. But on the other hand, it's too much towards the enduro. We have a Triumph Tiger 1200, very nice, super comfortable with a nice engine, everything is great, but something wrong with the handling and a bit too heavy… And we have the GS 1250 and the Multistrada 1260 Enduro. These two bikes seem to me the most complete, good both on asphalt and off-road, very comfortable, also well-handling with a passenger. In my opinion it's really hard to choose… But it's also hard to choose wrong, all these bikes are very good! That's why I think that reading and watching tests always end up more or less in the same place, we don't know what to decide on. So the most important thing is to take a ride. 

The problem is that usually the test drives last 1-2 hours and take place in the city. You will barely get used to the motorcycle and you have to go back, and in our flat Polish reality there is nowhere to really ride. Cool bends in Warsaw and the surrounding area can be counted on the fingers of two hands ...  

It was in response to this problem that we created Motorcycle-Paradise. A place where you can test motorbikes really well. The whole concept is in the form of a trip / vacation on which selected motorcycle models are tested. The first of the three seats is Andalusia, and the first set of motorbikes to be tested are enduro travel models. During a 7-day stay for 5 days, there are test rides with 5 motorbikes (you have a different motorcycle each day). On the first trip, you can test the BMW S1000XR, Ducati Multistrada 1260s, BMW R1250GS, KTM 1290 Super Adventure, Moto Guzzi V85TT.

We organize the campaign with Liberty Motors, thanks to which we will have special offers for new motorcycles for the participants. If you buy one of the tested motorcycles, you may find that the entire test trip will be for free. 

More details here: www.loveforride.com/andalucia  



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Coming back to Multistrada, I am delighted. If I were to choose one motorcycle from this segment at 99%, it would be Multistrada (if the price didn't matter).

More details and impressions in the film. 



Engine - L2, 2 cylinders, 4 valves per cylinder (Desmodromic Variable Timing), 1262 liquid cooled  cm3


Power - 158  KM  @  9500 rpm 

Torque - 128  Nm @ 7500  rpm

Weight - 254  kg (in running order, with a full fuel tank) / 226 kg - dry weight

Fuel tank capacity - 30 liters


Average fuel consumption in the test - 6.4l - I was driving very dynamically ... I think that you can go down to about 5.5l with a calm tourist ride


Seat height  - 860  mm (in non-standard options, there are accessory sofas with which the height may vary from 840 to 880 mm)


Front suspension - UPD fork 185 mm travel (electronically adjustable)


Rear suspension - 185mm travel (electronically adjustable)


Drive - chain


Price - of the tested unit PLN 98,000 (without the accessory silencer)





Logo 4.png
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