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JULY 2022


Motorcycle-Paradise is a vacation where you will test the latest motorcycles on the best roads in Europe. We choose motorcycle paradise and there we create ideal conditions for you to rest and have fun.

This time we are going to Iceland to test the 5 latest motorcycles from the Adventure segment !

You will spend 7 beautiful days with us on unpaved roads in Iceland.  

Every day we will visit areas that can only be reached by a 4x4 car or a suitable motorcycle.

A real adventure-style vacations awaits you on one of the most beautiful islands in the world!



During this trip, you will test the 5 latest bikes from the "midleweight adventure" segment

If you are considering buying such a motorcycle for yourself, this will be the perfect opportunity  

to test it in real "expedition" conditions!

TENERE 700 Rally Edition

890 Adventure R

Touareg 660

901 Norden

Desert X

On this trip you will be able to test all these bikes.  

During the 7 days on site, 6 are dedicated to motorcycling.

You will be able to test a different bike each day.

At every turn czestnicy each other motorcycles.



  • accommodation in hotels, cottages or hostels (depending on the location, a round trip) - 7 nights

  • 5 motorbikes available all days

  • off-road vehicle support along the entire route (luggage + possibly accompanying passengers)

  • transfer from and to Keflavik airport

  • local guide with 11 years of experience (Polish and English)

  • breakfast, water and fruit on the route  

  • a route planned to visit the wonders of nature and get there off the tarmac

  • KL and NNW insurance  

  • welcome dinner,

  • care of a Love For Ride resident and a local guide




arrival at the airport in Keflavik (approx. 00:30), transfer to a nearby guesthouse with a Hot Pot (hot jacuzzi), light dinner



Getting to know motorbikes, routes and rules of use, first day of riding.  

Asphalt and gravel route. Getting to know the so-called "Little Iceland". Attractions on the route:  

Connecting intercontinental plates, lighthouses, cliffs, sulfur fields, crossing  between shipwrecks near Gardur, the epic Krysuvikberg cliff, off-road drive towards a mega scenic road with many bends rising up and down, an extinct volcano,  overnight stay under the Skogafoss waterfall - cottage. For those who want a night trip to the swimming pool in the mountains.  


Visiting the Reynisfjara Black Beach, the second most beautiful non-tropical beach in the world,  Dyrhólaey peninsula and a gravel driveway to the epic parking lot under the lighthouse on a high cliff. Then we drive to a beautiful place in the highlands called the colorful mountains, Landmannalaugar. Here we will stay overnight in a hostel. Note that the access here will be through a slightly more difficult terrain, on the way we will cover a few fords (about 40 cm deep). At night, we will have a bath in the hot river under the stars!


In the morning, departure from the interior from Landmannalaugar in the other direction, all the time gravel roads, terrain, a few shallow fords. We will go towards the Golden Circle! After leaving the gravel road, we will go a bit along the asphalt road towards Fludir for the night. There is an old Icelandic house turned into a tiny guesthouse. 

500 meters in a straight line is the beautiful Hranalaug wild spring for night bathing under the stars.


We will tour the Golden Circle, i.e. Geysir, Strokkur, Gullfoss - the tourist heart of Iceland. Straight from Gulfossa we will enter the interior to our accommodation in Hveravellir. Overnight in a shelter. At night, you will bathe again in hot springs under the stars!


Driving north all the way to the cosmic private automobile museum. More than 150 cars and motorbikes in a private collection. 

We continue west along the coast with ultra views of gravel roads through Blonduos all the way to Stykisholmur. If someone watched Secret Life of Walter Mitty, he would associate the scene with a bar and a helicopter.


We weave the terrain and asphalt, going around the Snæfellsjökull peninsula and passing a viewing lighthouse on a sharp cliff, an enchanted spring, a bit of driving on winding gravel sections.  Then we will visit the caves of Vatnshellir, this is what Jules Verne described as an entrance, a gate  in "Journey to the Center of the Earth"


Next we drive along the asphalt road towards Borgarnes, where we turn off to the Fossatun Hotel right next to the waterfall. For those willing, an evening trip to SPA Krauma at the Deildartunguhver springs steaming with boiling water.


In the morning we will move towards Reykjavik, unfortunately this part of Iceland is mostly asphalt. 

Visiting Reykjavik and I recommend SPA Blue Lagoon in the evening before departure - the symbol of Iceland. We can sit there for 2-3 hours and then go to the nearby airport because the departure to WAW will be just after midnight.


During the trip, we will have the support of an off-road vehicle that will transport our belongings and any accompanying persons.

So we will travel "lightly". We have Adventure motorcycles at our disposal, which will be equipped with dual tires, allowing them to ride on light terrain. We invite people with experience in off-road driving (if you do not have such experience, we will help you organize the appropriate training before departure - one / two days is enough to prepare yourself properly!). 

Please bring the appropriate motorcycle outfit for the trip!

During the entire trip, we will be accompanied by a local guide who has been organizing 4x4 and motorcycle tours around Iceland for 11 years.


07/02/2022 - 07/09/2022

07/09/2022 - 07/16/2022

07/16/2022 - 07/23/2022

07/23/2022 - 07/30/2022



It's a road trip where we spend each night elsewhere.  

We adapted the accommodation to the sightseeing plan, every day we chose atmospheric places in the heart of nature.

There will be plenty of bathing in hot springs and rivers overlooking the stars.  

During the trip, we will sleep in hotels, guesthouses, cottages, and sometimes even in hostels.

Almost in every accommodation place we have planned, there will be the possibility of companionship in hot springs (rivers or lakes). We choose only the best locations in the heart of nature!  

For people who would like a trip in a more luxurious edition, we offer a more expensive option, where all nights will be in very good hotels or premium houses. 

Drogi i plaże


Iceland is one of the most beautiful lands on our planet!


During the trip, we will travel mainly on the F-type roads, not asphalt (of course, there will also be asphalt sections, mainly access roads). Roads in Iceland are spectacular, the surface is mostly black gravel, sometimes with stones. All roads are legal off-road sections, we avoid heavy terrain due to safety and motorcycles.  

During the trip, we will also cross several shallow rivers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the road gallery of Iceland.